A Foodie’s Wanderlust


      Wanderlust: [won-der-luhst] The strong, incontrolable impulse to travel the world. “

     I love to travel and wish I could do it more often. As a kid I used to sit down with an atlas on my lap, an encyclopedia on my side, and plan trips around the world. Hours flew by and sitting on that carpet I flew to many countries, met a lot of people and saw wondrous places.  Still, as an adult, my mind wonders around dreaming of the next place to visit, of the fresh adventures ahead. 

    A Foodie’s Wanderlust is just that. An exploration of the culinary traditions of the world using my kitchen just like that carpet, atlas and books from my childhood. This is a personal challenge and a shared learning experience. For the whole 52 weeks of a year, I’ll be engaging into preparing 208 dishes from all over the world. Every week, I’ll be cooking and sharing recipes for a full course meal of a different destination. Every week something nibbly, a main course, some sort of side dish, and a dessert. Every week some boil and maybe some trouble, but hey, that’s part of the fun, right? 

    For this trip I’ll try to stay true to the most traditional of foods and do my best to replicate them from my home in Puerto Rico. The trip is long but gratifying. I hope my enthusiasm for this journey takes me to far and captivating places, and to actually meet readers from all corners of the planet to share recipes and good times. Fire is burning, the pot set, chopping and cutting is almost done… so let’s cook the world!