The 14 Favorite Asian dishes from the FW Adventure.

Here at the end of the Asian part of our Foodie’s Wanderlust Adventure, we wanted to make a quick pause to highlight our favourite Asian inspired dishes. They are all either easy to make, super delicious or both. These are the recipes that will definitely be cooked many times in our kitchen, explored further to see how they taste with different ingredients and shared constantly with friends. 

So excited to be already here. Only 14 more countries to eat-xplore. It’s been a fabulous journey, full of deliciousness, burned food, incredible recipes, smoke, explosions, good and bad photographs, lots of boiling and lots of troubles. And we’ve enjoyed every single bit of it, the good, the bad and the better. So here’s a list of the betters of Asia. Hope you enjoy and be inspired by them. 

1. Agedashi Tofu and how can simple be bold

Agedashi, Agedashi Tofu, Tofu, Japan, Japanese, Asia, Dashi, Bonito flakes, appetizers

The essence of Japanese Cuisine compressed into a single small dish. Simple but dauntingly appetizing Agedashi Tofu. So easy to make, and so delicious!

2. Pork and Shrimp Siu Mai

Dim sum, siu mai, pork, shrimp, goji berry, wonton wrapper, steam, appetizer, china, chinese cuisine, tea, green tea, tea time, brunch

Part of the “Touching with the Heart” (Dim Sum) extensive selections. Pork and shrimp Siu mai, a cup (or many cups) of green tea, at a table surrounded by friends… Soft, juicy, savoury and terribly exquisite.

3. Thai Shrimp Green Curry

Green Curry, Shrimp, Thai, Thailand, Thai cuisine, curry, coconut, spicy, hot

 Now this is beauty on a dish. Thai Shrimp Green Curry, succulently intense and spicy hot, with a creamy coconut sauce and a silky texture. Yum yum!

4. Som Tam is So Yum!

Som Tam, green papaya, salad, papaya, Thailand, Thai, Thai cuisine

Som Tam is summery, fresh, tart and juicy green papaya salad. Probably the most famous salad of Thailand, taste it and you’ll see why.

5. Outstandingly Refreshing Tom Kha Gai

tom kha gai, thai, thailand, thai cuisine, coconut, soup, galangal, ginger, kaffir lime leaves, lime, chickenWith it’s refreshing velvety texture and a complex coconut, ginger and lime flavor; few meals are better than Tom Kha Gai to beat this Summer’s heat. 

6. Happy go Lucky Pani Puri

Pani Puri, fritters, appetizer, street food, India, Indian cuisine, herbs, sauce, dip

Behold Pani Puri, a typical Indian street food. Simple semolina fritters and an outstanding tangy, spicy and sweet sauce that is to die for. 

7. Butter Chicken… I can’t even.

Butter Chicken, Chicken, Butter, Ghee, Indian cuisine, India, Punjab, spicy, creamy, yogurt, cream, sauce

Butter Chicken is just like the name implies, buttery, creamy, succulent, and rich. Soaked in a spicy tomato and cream sauce. OMG!

8. Afghan Naan… Be warned, it’s addictive!

Naan, flatbread, nigella seeds, black cumin, black seeds, bread, Afghan cuisine, Afghanistan

Soft, spongy, delicious Naan. Enhanced with garlic kneaded into the dough, brushed with ghee and sprinkled with black cumin seeds. Addictive!

9. Gulab Jamun or Spectacular Milk Balls in Scented Syrup

Gulab Jamun, Milk, Milk balls, Syrup, orange blossom water, cardamom, pistachio, dessert, India, Indian cuisine

One of India’s favourite desserts, Gulab Jamun. Soft Milk Curdle Balls soaked in a fragrant orange blossom, cardamom and pistachio syrup.

10. Jalebi

Jalebi, Nepal, India, sweets, syrup, saffron, pastries, dessert, Nepali cuisine, Indian cuisine

Jalebi is one of those simple pleasures of life. These cutely shaped, saffron coloured sweets are loved by many, from Nepal to the Middle East. 

11. Tamagoyaki, Japan’s favorite egg dish

Japan, Japanese food, Eggs, Tamagoyaki, Tamago

Cute, simple, beautiful, tasty, easy and fun to make omelette. Japanese Tamagoyaki will brighten your palate and your day.

12. Mee Goreng. Easy Indonesian Fried Noodles

mee goreng, pasta, noodles, fried noodles, indonesia, shrimp, chicken

Super easy, bold in flavor Indonesian Shrimp and Chicken Mee Goreng. Made with instant Ramen noodles (flavoring package tossed) to further simplify this delicious Indonesian classic. 

13. Lumpia Cravings, Lumpia Love

Lumpia, Lumpias, Philippines, Asia, Fritter

Super moist, savoury and sweet inside. Perfectly crackly outer shell. A tasty treat perfect for the center table of any party. Lumpia, the most loved Filipino appetizer. 

14. Bok Choy in Simple Garlic Sauce

Bok Choy, Garlic, Garlic sauce, simple, easy, China, Chinese food, Chinese cuisine, vegetarian, vegetables

 A true Chinese meal is never complete without a sizeable amount of fresh veggies. This Bok Choy in a ridiculously simple Garlic Sauce will do the trick.

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